Our goal is to offer you a wonderful experience. All of our locations are unique in their design and features,

all adding to your expectations of an incredible service that a leading salon should provide.

We want you to feel the confidence and skills of the designers that represent the Scizzor Group.

From Interns beginning their career paths, to young stylists enthusiastic to share their latest techniques and

ideas, to our cream of the crop talented senior stylists, continuing education

and learning is essential.

"I was born and raised in England, having spent my life in this industry, from a 14 year old working in my Aunts salon at weekends (making coffee, sweeping floors and loving it), I began my career at  15 years old.  Fifty years later and many great experiences, I've lived in several countries and many major cities, I still can't contain my enthusiasm for the hair industry and the future of the Scizzor Group Ltd.  My wife and partner Carole (the finest Color tech with exceptional knowledge and experience) and I welcome you to our website, please enjoy learning about us and the individuals that we love and admire."   Very Best, -------------------------------Christopher
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